Revved Up Bikers offers a comprehensive motorcycle and scooter service for all your biking needs , our fully equipped workshop and team of trained mechanics will professionally carry out any type of service for motorcycle or scooter , from interim service to full services which includes checking valve clearance , fitting chain and sprockets, overhaul front suspensions etc.

We at Revved Up Bikers pride ourselves on our after sales service, we are very aware that just selling Motorcycles and scooters is not enough , the after sales in our opinion is paramount , our team are always at the other end of the phone , website, email to help answer and questions or concerns you might have about your purchase or repairs .

Service Price Lists

Motorcycles larger than 125cc
Minor service £99
Standard Service £160
Major service £299
Winter Check £55

125cc & 4 Stroke Scooter
Minor Service £45
Major service £75
Winter Check £25

2 Stroke Scooter
Minor Service £35
Major service £45
Winter Check £25

Minor service

  • Change oil and filter,

  • Check and top-up brake and clutch fluid

  • Check brake pads

  • Lubricate and adjust chain

  • Check Tyre pressures

Standard service
Minor service +

  • Inspect plugs

  • Top-up coolant

  • Check operation of brake calipers disks and lines

  • Check suspension operation

  • Check head-stock swing arm and wheel bearings for play

Major service
Standard service +

  • Shim check

  • Carburettor vacuum check

  • Check air filter and replace if necessary

Winter Check

  • Check Anti-freeze level and condition

  • Oil and Filter Change

  • Tyre Pressure Check

Small Print:
All prices are excluding VAT
Services use Rock Oil 10/40w and Hi-Flo Fliters
Other specifications are available and might change the prices quoted
Scooter services – belt and rollers extra cost

Call us - 07736 926453 or email us -

Labour per hour cost - £20